About Kiki van Eijk


Kiki van Eijk is a highly accomplished Eindhoven-based designer. She works with brands like Hermès, Saint-Louis, 1882 Ltd, MOOOI, Häagen-Dazs, Serax, Bernhardt Design and Nodus. By designing with a clear vision and personal touch, Kiki van Eijk strongly represents the new generation of Dutch designers. While Kiki's work is easily recognizable by her mild and playful surface aesthetic, underneath, the works can be complex and serious. With a focus on hand-crafted processes, this nostalgic approach combined with her poetic and personal style comes to life in a wide range of work, such as carpets, lighting, furniture, ceramics, glassware and luxurious textiles. By combining old and new techniques, applied on unexpected objects, Kiki aims to surprise and delight both manufactures and consumers alike.


Inspired by beautiful phenomena she comes across in the real world, Kiki hopes people fall as much in love with her designs as she did with her original inspiration. Her work has been presented in galleries, museums and fairs worldwide, including in Basel, London, Paris, Milan, Venice, New York, Tokyo, Rome, Moscow, and Holon. She also works on projects for companies and institutions such as Studio Edelkoort Paris, Design Academy Eindhoven, VeniceProjects, Audax Textile Museum, Zuiderzee Museum, Noord Brabants Museum, Rijksmuseum, and private collectors.


"In our current era of technology where everything is rapidly changing, I find it important to still stand by the everyday object that is made with love and to respect what is already there, such as what we find in nature",says Kiki van Eijk."Autonomy is very important in my work; it helps me to have the freedom to be as personal as I like without being distracted by customers' wishes. This freedom also allows me to spend an extensive amount of time on a series of products to get the most original result and quality as possible. I choose to work not only with sustainable materials, but also with products that have an everlasting and timeless aesthetic."