Conversation Piece | Conversation Piece detail 01

walnut wood, bronze, aluminium, fake marble paint | 164 x 166 x 220 cm | 2015

The exhibition "London Calling" was a good occasion for Kiki van Eijk to be a bit more outspoken and make a stronger statement in her work.

For Kiki "London Calling" is about apocalypse, changing times.

She asked herself: "what can Punk attribute to current design?" There's a very interesting link in both philosophy and time between the band "the Clash" and the design group "Memphis".

Kiki's piece is anti the establishment of both the gallery and industrial world. It?s questioning both the values of industry and craft.

It's a protest against very cheap and badly produced industrial products. Why are these products made? Because we are worth it or because it sells?

It's also a protest against a trend we see in todays design gallery world were everything seems to be made of polished bronze, marble or 24K gold leaf. It's either a chair, table or lamp. Why? Because we are worth it or because it sells?

Industrial product design as well as limited edition design are struggling for authenticity and screaming for love and attention. We need to rediscover what the value of design can be. This is also a personal quest of designer Kiki van Eijk.

A round table discussion in the Netherlands is literally derived from the act of sitting at a round table and having a talk where everybody is equal.

This piece is designed to discuss about. 

Photography by Lisa Klappe