Cut and Paste | Stack Of Furniture

materials: ceramics, steel, copper, textile, oak wood, mirror, marble, gold rope | 52 x 52 x 180 cm | 2010

From the front side a wooden box with a door from which comes a beautiful textile with a Bordeaux-red surface with shiny white chalk drawn on it. From the back side a wooden niche with a shelf to hold a precious object and drawer with a hidden mirror! This box made of oak wood is leaning against the back of a simple violet chair attached by a golden rope. The chair is placed with one leg on a marble block and with the other three legs on a mirror, which is integrated in a roughly welded steel box. Its legs are made of brass and its "soft" drawers of black ceramic.
All objects are supporting each other; one can not exist without the other. The regular functions have been alienated; the chair's function for example is no longer to hold a person who wants to sit on it, but it?s there to hold a wooden box; it has become the spill of a stack of furniture.

Photography by Frank Tielemans