Domestic Jewels | High Bench

jacquard-woven, double-weave, viscose, cotton, nickel-plated steel | 121 x 58 x 171 cm | 2008

This bench is as a throne for the art of handwriting and cooking. Kiki used a recipe of her great grandmother in beautiful handwriting. From her book that was filled with recipes, written in old Dutch style, Kiki chose her favorite; a celebration cake that the Dutch eat with New Year. With all these seals forming a kind of polka dot it?s almost as if it?s stamped and sealed, emphasizing the quality and beauty of this forgotten craft of handwriting. With not only it?s luxurious textile, but also its secluded form one will feel like a real king once sitting in it!
The style of this piece reminds of the 18th century Louis XVI furniture, but is very modern and cubistic at the same time.

Photography by Frank Tielemans