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Exhibition 'Eyes on Nature: wall hangings'

A new collection of four wall hangings 'Memories of a Panorama', designed by Kiki van Eijk,  is currently shown in the exhibition 'Eyes on Nature' in the TextielMuseum in Tilburg. 

Wall hangings are back in a big way. Designers and artists have rediscovered a passion for these interior textiles. With Eyes on Nature: wall hangings, the TextielMuseum illustrates the evolution of Dutch wall hangings in the past 50 years. The exhibition ranges from realistic and abstract works, to rough and narrative modern pieces. The focus is on the depiction of nature.

'Memories of a Panorama' is executed by TextielMuseum/TextielLab Tilburg.

The 4 Panorama's are based on the Dutch landscapes, with a dreamy colorful touch. The center of the graphic image on each tapestry is a tree, woven from gold thread. Kiki sees the tree as the jewel of the panorama.

Currently Kiki is very intrigued by panorama's. 'For me the beauty of a natural setting is that one's able to look far away. I myself have an increasing need for space around me and the idea that you can walk through nature, being overwhelmed by it.' Graphically it shows the different facets and qualities of nature in perspective. These are all views from Kiki's memories. The tapestries exist out of different textures and colors, as can be recognized in the Dutch landscapes.

Memories of a Panorama 04