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Kiki and Joost at Designblok Prague 2013

Art House Colloredo-Mansfeldský palác

Designblok opens the new conceptual space entitled Art House. It will be designated for non-commercial presentations of top Czech and foreign designers from the field of art design. 

Visitors will have the opportunity to see the duo of designers Kiki van Eijk & Joost van Bleiswijk from the Dutch city of Eindhoven. Their exhibition represents a combination of textiles and textures made by Kiki with expressive technicist structures made by Joost. 

Designblok Prague - Design and Fashion Week celebrates 15 years of existence this year. 

Designblok - design and fashion week - celebrates its 15th anniversary in 2013. Its first year took place in autumn 1999; the first participants included Vitra, Konsepti, BeldaFactory, and Klára Nademlýnská. These names show that the event focused not only on top product design, but also jewelry and fashion. Even though the number of exhibitors has increased from 14 to more than 200 over the past 15 years and the number of visitors has increased from hundreds to thousands (1,000 visitors in 1999 and 42,000 visitors in 2012), the essentials of Designblok have remained the same: an emphasis put on selectiveness and the quality of objects on display, international marketing and commercial impact, a permanent effort made to link creative figures with production and sale, plus the support of young talents and schools.   

7 October -  13 October 

opening hours Tuesday - Saturday 10.00 - 21.00  Sunday 10.00 - 19.00 

Art House | Colloredo-Mansfeld Palace | Karlova Street nr 2, Prague 1| on the Royal Route close to the Charles Bridge

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