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Kiki van Eijk for Chamber Gallery -New York

"I'm proud to be a cosmopolitan" will be showcased in the exhibition Collection #3, titled Room With Its Own Rules, curated by Matylda Krzykowsk for Chamber Gallery.

The show features newly commissioned, one-of a-kind and limited edition work made exclusively by women. It ties together the many studio visits and conversations that Krzykowski conducted, at which she was able to encounter an encouraging range of strong women that define their own principles for life and work.  

"I'm proud to be a cosmopolitan" is a flag that reinvents universal identity within one symbol. It serves as a new corporate identity for the world and aims to bring us all together under a bright, positive and uncoloured symbol that does not include national separations.

The piece was designed in 2003, and has never felt so contemporary.


MAY 4- JULY 15 2017


Photography by David Brandon Geeting