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The Future is Handmade - Kalmar Konstmuseum, Sweden

The Floating Frames Table Shade is shown in the exhibition 'The Future is Handmade', a design exhibition which started at the Kalmar Museum of Art in Sweden. 

After 70 years in exile craft is back in the design world. Over the past five years, a number of young designers across Europe have started to work by hand again. Instead of impersonal, mass-produced products they design unique objects with a higher degree of authenticity. All very much in tune with the zeitgeist of today's society where the consumers are far more individualistic than in the 1900s .

The movement is originally from Holland who has been the leading design nation since the late 1900s. This applies to both product design, fashion and graphic design. The exhibition 'The Future is Handmade' captures this interesting paradigm shift and seeking explanation on why it's happening right now.

The exhibition builds on the 70's when radical designers such as Erik Hoglund was inspired by folk craft when he designed furniture. In the 90's a number of young designers such as MMParis, Marcel Wanders and Sandra Backlund began experimenting with crafts on a serious level.

Today craft is one of the most important driving forces in the design world, and many of the most prominent, young designers refer in different ways to a traditional craft. Like for example, Anders Jacobsen, Ugly Cute, Tobias Alm, Emelie Ahlner, Kiki Van Eijck, All the Way to Paris and others.

Kalmar Museum of Art | February 12 - April 20, 2014

Form Design Center | Malmö June - August, 2014

Falkenberg Museum | September - December, 2014

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