Coup de Théâtre for La Montre Hermès | History Aperture pocket watch 1935


Kiki van Eijk and Hermès started working together in 2012, when Kiki designed exceptional travelling display windows for Hermès which were initially presented at the Bijenkorf department store in Amsterdam, and later travelled the world with Hermès to Milan, Vancouver, Osaka and Tokyo. Following this successful collaboration, Kiki is now invited by La Montre Hermès, the watch division of the house of Hermès, to design unexpected stage-settings for their watch collections.

For La Montre Hermès, Kiki van Eijk designed a nomadic window display decor concept, drawing her inspiration from her poetic inner dream world. Each display is a miniature theatre intended to recreate a certain atmosphere; Kiki designed veritable miniaturised scenes linked to the company's collections; Cape Cod, Dressage, Clipper, Arceau, Heure H, as well as to the precious watches.

Consisting of miniature decors and objects, each little scene looks like a theatre stage where all the elements intrigue, with their details, colours and occasionally incongruous proportions, as is always the case in Kiki's world.

"La Montre Hermès has history and a wealth of knowledge" Kiki emphasises. "It plays with surprise elements linked to horses and the sea, while travel is always on the agenda. Consequently, I created an original environment for this itinerant exhibition which invites spectators to take part in a fairytale-like voyage. Enchanted by the decor, the spectator is like a child who sees something for the first time. It's a bit like the sort of surprises one has when travelling and exploring unknown territory".

Pervaded by a sense of playfulness, elegance and precision, Coup de Théâtre by Kiki van Eijk for La Montre Hermès, embodies the spirits of both Hermès and Kiki.

And, like a production by a theatre group, the mini theatres will soon set off to present a show in several countries around the world from the end of 2012 through 2013.

Photography by Tony Wang