Hermès windows August 2014 | right window

Theme of Hermès 2014 windows: ''Metamorphosis''

Metamorphosis is Birth. The birth of a new creature, the birth of a new idea. Something very surprising and unexpected. An egg can be the start of something very beautiful.

I want to create a theatre of eggs were each egg is capturing, showing and protecting a beautiful surprise: the Hermès product. The eggs look like they are partly exploding and the shells that are broken are forming new shapes: a butterfly connected to the silk, a shoe and a carrée. The egg also relates to the famous Russian egg and the kids egg holding a surprise.

The eggs will be made in 3-d containing shelves to present the Hermès product and the exploded shells will be made in 2-d along a frame as if they are freely floating in the air.

They create a multiple layered story of the windows.

Photography by Fabien de Cugnac