Table-Palette | Set of glasses crystal

crystal | 9,9 x 9,9 x 20 cm | 2010

All ingredients form a perfectly set table. A modern interpretation of a table setting as "gesammtkunstwerk". Kiki's first sketches and water-colors were the basis for her designs. Ingredients like beetroots, poultry, fish and artichoques are represented as an organic pattern in her tablecloth and 8 different matching napkins.
The ceramics as well as the glassware have round and bulging forms, which represent the fluids poured into these objects and at the same time going through the body of the consumer.
The warm, earthy tones arouse a feeling of homeliness, sharing pure and honest food and conversation.

Glassware: Royal Leerdam Crystal
Silverware: Koninklijke van Kempen & Begeer
Textiles: Audax Textile museum Tilburg

Photography by Frank Tielemans